Seed Marketing

RSSCL has been making available 'Rajseeds' to the state through its well spread networks. During kharif 2010-11, 1,61,304 Qtls. and in Rabi 3,41,155 Qtls. thus totaling 5,02,459 Qtls. of certified seed were marketed by RSSCL. Against this in 2011-12 during Kharif  1,30,507 Qtls. Seeds of diffrent varieties were distributed  and  5,14,230 Qtls. of certified seed were distributed during Rabi of the year 2011-12.

Departmental demands of deptt.of Agriculture and Horticulture etc. have been met very successfully with the desired quality and quantity. Under this during zaid 2011 8427 Qtls. and in kharif 2011-12 4802.60 Qtls. of seeds  were made available to Deptt. of Agriculture & Department of Hotriculture  as per their indent and demand. Similarly in rabi 2011-12 23271 Qtls. and 69.48 Qtls. of seed of different new and improved varieties were made available to these departments.

Rajseeds has a vast marketing network with co-operatives of the state through Rajfed and no of committed and authorized dealers at almost every important market place of the state. During Rabi and Kharif seasons Rajseeds are made available at the door steps of the farmers through Beej raths operating at almost every panchayat samitee of the state.

The discount structure for the co-operative and private dealers is as below
  • Turnover upto 10 Lacs per annum @10%
  • Turnover between 10-25 lacs p.a. @11% from zero
  • Turnover between 25-50 lacs p.a. @ 12% on incremental sale
  • Turnover between 50-100 lacs p.a. @ 13% on incremental sale
  • Turnover between 100-150 lacs p.a. @ 13.5% on incremental sale
  • Turnover between 150-200 lacs p.a. @ 14% on incremental sale
  • Turnover between 200-250 lacs p.a. @ 14.5% on incremental sale
  •  Turnover above 250 lacs p. a. @ 15% on incremental sale